Why consultants struggle to get clients

If you are a coach or consultant, you have probably felt the pain in your pocket and frustration in business of not being able to secure new clients. If you haven’t, you can probably ignore this article.

You have probably spent many hours meeting people, talking and sharing what you can offer only to discover people have said “it’s not for me” or “maybe when I get some more business” or even worse you just get ignored.

You are not alone, this is a common problem.

Even the best coach or consultant won’t have a 100% conversion rate, most would dream of a 50% conversion rate.

After a few months of disappointing results, you can’t start to feel a little jaded. Resentment can set in and you can feel almost angry at the prospects that have drifted off the boil.

So what are the common reasons for a struggling client book?

No process

If you don’t have a process, you won’t be able to measure, improve or iterate your sales and marketing. You need to have a process of how you take a client from a lead to an enquiry. Without this, you will be hit and miss.

Your process is a set plan of how you work with and helps clients. It maybe you have a free session, an intense course or even one-to-one coaching, but without a process, you will get nowhere.

What is the first step of the process? How do you gauge who are interested and who are ready to buy? Do you have steps to take people from interested to ready to buy?

Without a process, you will not have the focus to take prospective clients on the journey to become a paying client.

Does your process have a marketing and sales dimension?

If marketing is at the top and sales is at the bottom, do your efforts join up to take interested people to buying clients?

A process takes time to work, it may take 3-6 months to bed in and during that time you have to hold fast to it, despite temptations to deviate.

No pain

Pain is the single biggest motivator for action. When something becomes a big enough problem people take action!

What pains and frustrations can you help people with? People want to improve their time management, not to be better time managers, but to get more stuff done. Why? Because they have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Benefits of coaching or consulting are not very interesting, and we very rarely believe them.

When you have got toothache, you go to the Chemist and ask “do you have anything for toothache?”

Nobody looks for “comprehensive relief from oral pain”

Know the problem or pain and talk as a client would talk.

No profile

Most coaches and consultants have a profile problem. They are not talking to the right people and not presenting themselves as the right person. They either look to expensive for their client or their client doesn’t think they fit with them.

You need to have the right profile, with the right people. If you have no process, you have no idea how many people you need to reach to win a client. If you need 10 clients per month and your conversion rate is 10%, you need to be in front of 100 of the right people every month.

Like Goldilocks, you need the right people to see your message and how it is relevant to them. Without this, you will never grow your business to the right levels. Everything has to be aligned. Your message, audience and personal profile as a consultant all have to align.

No sense

Stop giving away too much.

A small gem for you could be a massive nugget of world changing wisdom for someone else. Your small gem just changed your prospective client’s world.

Guess what happens next? Your client will go explore the new world without you.

Don’t give your gems away to prove your value; unless you just want to work for free.

I see it all the time, free advice which is a small thing to a consultant is totally transformational to their prospective client. It’s great in terms of showing your expertise but does nothing for your business.

What you share should help and guide but not give them sufficient insight to be able to do it without you. It is an uncomfortable thought but ultimately… you need to earn a living!

My sales pitch…

If you recognise the issues above and want to make a change

  • Show you how to attract clients that fit your services.
  • Build marketing and sales process with you, so you can confidently win and secure new clients for yourself.
  • I’ll help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace and give you a process to convert clients.

If you would like to win more clients, I can help you through a 2 hour intensive strategy session.

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