Guerrilla Marketing

Kill the Competition

They say 50% of marketing works. The question is which 50%?


In today’s media-soaked world, not only do you have competitors, you have to fight to be noticed over all the shouting and noise in the marketplace.


If you are a small business EVERY penny matters.


So the big question for you is “How do you use your resources to market and promote your business efficiently?


How do you promote your products and services and win business whilst spending as little as possible.


The answer – Guerrilla Marketing!


What does Guerrilla Marketing and a communist revolutionary have in common?


They both killed their opposition! (Excuse the slightly inappropriate pun)


If you’ve ever been frustrated with your business growth and thought “There must be a better way” it is time to book your place on this 3-hour Guerrilla Marketing Workshop.


In this course we will show you how to:


  • Create a strategy and customer profile
  • Find the weak spots in the market and exploit them
  • Learn how to make customer buying decisions easier.
  • How to kill the competition and keep them guessing.
  • Implement a plan to grow your business
  • Utilise the little-known or underused tools which can give you maximum exposure for the lowest cost.

Who is this course for?

Business owners and marketing professionals working in small businesses or startups.

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