The LinkedIn money you’re NOT making!

So you’ve probably noticed, I have a bit of a thing with LinkedIn. Out of all my channels, LinkedIn is probably the best for me.

As I talk with business owners, I hear often the words “LinkedIn doesn’t work for us”.

I’ve heard it at least 50 times in the last 3 months and every time it grits on me. It grits on me because I know if they are B2B, they are wrong!

I am not a die hard LinkedIn advocate, it is a tool like any other, a day will come when LinkedIn won’t deliver, it may be tomorrow or ten years, but as long as it delivers the goods, I will work with it.

Some have been on courses that told them how to make their profile and how the network works but never been shown how to generate revenue. It leaves them with a sour taste when LinkedIn comes up because, they’ve invested time and got nowhere.

I sincerely believe someone working 1-2 hours per day on LinkedIn can generate £100k – £200k a year of new business. LinkedIn, done well, could be source of repeat business and give you an advantage over the competition.

So why is it according to LinkedIn stats only 38% of B2B business are making it work?

Why are so many dismissing it?

Well, like all marketing and sales, if you don’t have a process your results will be hit and miss. Most businesses have no plan, no methodology and no consistency when it comes to LinkedIn. That is why they are missing the opportunities.

LinkedIn is no different to any other sales and marketing channel, it requires focus, a plan and daily attention. If a sales person didn’t do any work for a week, there would be no sale. If you don’t do any marketing for a month, you will have no inbound enquiries.

I’ve seen businesses spending £2k a year with telephone directories and online directories but not willing to commit 1-2 hours per day to directly build relationships with target customers. It’s total madness.

I wouldn’t say I am a social selling expert, because generally distrust anyone who declares themselves an expert but, I know what works and its fascinating to see sales teams and marketing teams eyes open when they realise the potential of the channel for their business.

LinkedIn generates on average 46% of B2B website traffic.

94% of B2B decision makers say they use LinkedIn to check on their potential suppliers and clients.

So why is there so much reluctance still?

Why do people still say they do not have an hour per day?

I recently did a group training session and one of the issues raised was time.

I posed the question…

“If you can generate £10k a month using LinkedIn would you do it?”

The whole room said yes.

So let me ask you, if you can sit at your desk and spend an hour a day for the next year and net £100k of new business, is it worth it?

LinkedIn is not magical. You don’t need to be a superstar. You need some knowledge, a methodology and consistency to make it work.

If you’d like some training on how to use LinkedIn for revenue and new business, drop me a line, we deliver virtual and in-person corporate training for sales and marketing teams as well as public classes for small businesses.

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