Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

If you’ve got onto LinkedIn to grow your business, you’ve probably at some point reached what is called the ‘commercial limit’ or you have been offered a free 30 day upgrade.


If you’ve been extremely proactive you have probably got yourself in the LinkedIn naughty box.


As a company, we, train and support businesses who want to build their revenue from LinkedIn, so you can imagine how many times I am asked is LinkedIn Premium worth it.


Firstly, there is a lot of features on the free version which you can exploit first. I always advise people to make the most of the free version before you upgrade. You need to get into a routine with LinkedIn so you can reap the rewards. If you don’t you’ll waste a lot of time and see little return from it.


If you’re considering LinkedIn for business development, you need to have a routine. Secondly, you need to have a process or methodology, without it you will get no results and finally, you need consistency. Having had a LinkedIn account for 7 years, built up over 30,000 connections and get an average of 500,000 views per week of my profile and content, I can tell you it takes time to make it work.


If you’ve got those three key points down, then yes, LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator is so worth it. My subscription is a tiny cost in relation to the real revenue I gain on the platform every month.


I personally use Sales Navigator which is packed full of features, which to the uninitiated are not immediately obvious how to integrate into a sales and marketing strategy. These features can help you research prospects, manage your sales messages and keep on top of what your prospect list contacts are doing. I could write a lot more about what you can do, but the features only work with a plan or method behind them.


If you don’t have a methodology, do not upgrade until you do.


If you do have a methodology, the answer is a big fat YES! LinkedIn Premium is worth every penny.