I’m fed up, why won’t this [expletive] business just grow!

You don’t want to know how many times I have heard this.

A typical MD or CEO and their frustrations have reached the point of “I don’t care what we have to do, we have to do just do it!”

For most businesses the frustration is caused by a lack of focus in three areas, the strategy, marketing activity and sales. These three areas have to work in unison for the business to see sustained growth.

In my own work, 80% of the enquiries we receive we solve their issue in the initial discussion for free (damn it!), the remaining 20% usually engage with us. In 2018/2019, we will only work with 25-30 companies, but we will likely have initial discussions with 150 or so and deliver content to tens of thousands.

Our strategy is clear and our process is connected.

If you focus on a solid strategy aligned with sales and marketing, the return on investment will be incredible, BUT you have to make sure those three areas are aligned.

In all of my work, my mission is to get the strategy and execution (sales and marketing) to align. Sounds simple right?

It really isn’t! You have to do battle with preconceived ideas, encourage people to work together and help people see opportunity they didn’t see before. It can be fun and painful as we go through and see how weaknesses in strategy and execution have held back great businesses.

In order to have a strategy that works in execution, you need everyone to understand what is is you are trying to achieve and how the strategy affects it. Your team have to be on the same page.

To convince people to buy from you instead of your competitor you have to have an offer, a reason to buy from you. Don’t give me any waffle about quality and customer service, everyone says that. You need a reason bigger than what should be standard. Why you? What is your big idea, what will convince people to want to buy from you.

How are you landing that message with your prospects, do you have a plan which fits to your ideal customer? One of the most costly exercises a salesperson can undertake is finding their own leads. It is really expensive. This is where the strategy, sales and marketing HAVE to work together.

Marketing can make the salesperson’s job a whole lot easier. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Sometimes you need to ditch somethings to make progress. Sometimes you need outside help.

My job, is to help leaders see these three areas clearly, how they come together, how the strategy if implemented in a joined up way, can pay dividends for years to come.