Do your prospective customers know you exist?

A year or so ago I was working with a client who is a leader in their industry. We’re sat in a meeting room with department heads sat around the table.

Halfway through the meeting, I said “The majority of your target audience doesn’t know you exist”

There was a pause.

The majority of the room disagreed.

“We have a sales team, marketing department and spend a huge amount on advertising. Most of people in our sector know who we are!” was the response.

So there, in the middle of a meeting, we picked up the phone and dialed some of their potential clients. We did a marketing survey on the fly.

I’ve done this a few times and it works a treat. Of course, it isn’t scientific, but it does help illustrate a point.

The few calls we made highlighted that market awareness was not as strong as my client believed. In that moment, assumptions were challenged with new data. Data that suggested there was more to be done.

In a strategy session with another client, I challenged them on why their business hadn’t grown, flat-lining for a few years when it was obvious they could have doubled or tripled their business. After a little poking, we discovered that whilst they had all the right contacts, they hadn’t demonstrated their value to the market. They had not instilled a belief in their audience that they could deliver the goods. They’d rested on their laurels and assumed their prospects new the value they could deliver.

Telling people the value you can deliver, doesn’t mean they believe you.

Shouting as loud as you can doesn’t mean people will remember you.

You can be invisible for two reasons, your hidden or irrelevant.

When you have been in the middle of your own business, you get a distorted view of the market. Your efforts in the business cloud or distort your view of the market or competition. This happens to us all, we need to have an external perspective.

Our business is our baby. We’re protective of it, we believe in it and we love it dearly. That’s natural and like all babies, we always think ours is the most beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Brace yourself for some home truths…

Your baby (business) might be a bit average.

Your baby may be invisible.

Your baby might be a bit on the ugly side.

If your baby is ugly, I am the equivalent of a plastic surgeon (the morality of this analogy is questionable).

I help owners of businesses give their baby some cosmetic surgery, so that the true beauty of their baby can be seen and appreciated by all.

We’ll park the baby analogy now as I am not really comfortable with the thought of plastic surgery on babies.

Simply put, our bias prevents us from seeing the obstacles to our opportunities. We underestimate the competition, skip critical steps and don’t have a consistent USP / Value proposition for our customers.

Not only that prospective customers’ needs and expectations change. If you’re not on top of this, your prospective customers can drift away from you or worse you drift from them. We’ve all seen great companies come crashing down because they lost their way or didn’t keep up.

So coming to your target audience, do they know you exist?

You’re not seen – The Rule of 7

It’s an old marketing principle that a prospective customer needs to see or hear your marketing messages at least seven times before they will make a buying decision.

The reason your audience may not know you exist despite massive efforts on your part is that you have changed your message too often or you haven’t been consistent in presenting your message.

It’s not how many times you say it, it is how many times they see it. You will tire of your marketing message much sooner than your prospects. Repetition over time is a key element of building awareness of your business.

You’re not relevant – What do you want to be remembered for?

A series of random campaigns won’t do it. You need a focused and clear message. A razor-sharp message that hits the mark.

Have you ever tried to remember a mobile phone number quickly? Unless you are a member of Mensa, it’s incredibly difficult to remember an eleven digit number in a few seconds. You can remember four digits probably in a few seconds.

So keep this in mind when you are planning your message. If you are too clever or too complicated, you will fail. You are competing for the attention of a very busy person. What message do you want to be remembered for? What is the message that will create a buying decision?

Remember that if you want to be remembered, you have to get out of your own head and into your prospective customers.

Customers don’t have time to cut through ambiguous messages, confusing brochures or complex details. To hook a new client and have the opportunity to do open a conversation, you have to know what will get them interested and what is important to them.

Repetition with the right message matters if you want to be on the radar of your target customer.

If you’d like some help developing your strategy to make your business to the market, I do a comprehensive development process with clients to help shake off the slump and resonate with their prospective clients.

Stop being invisible and start being relevant.

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