Dean’s most popular questions…

Since departing ‘agency life’ I’ve been asked a lot about what we do. I’m an awkward hybrid of business developer, marketer and strategist. I’ve created this post for those of you with some form of morbid curiosity and for those who want to enquire but are reluctant to make an approach for fear of a sharp suited salesman appearing stage left.

What do you even do?

I’ve been asked this a lot and the answer is complicated, but the strapline is simple. I help owners and entrepreneurs grow their business. You can put that in whatever box you like, marketing, business development, management consulting, I don’t really care about the box, I care about the results.

It’s simple, we help businesses advance and grow.

I help people usually after they have burned through a ton of money and got no real results.

I meet people who are eager to get more business but have reached a point of total frustration with the process.

I work with people who know the process can be simpler and more cost effective but lack the clarity to take action.

Essentially my clients just want their marketing to deliver and have a low tolerance for BS

What’s Maverrik?

Maverrik is a marketing strategy and business development company. We’re an unconventional bunch that help businesses make the most of their marketing to deliver business growth.

Can you help me get better SEO?

If you are asking that, you need to find someone else to help you.

We don’t work that way. If you need SEO then that may be part of it. SEO is a tool. I’m not passionate about tools, I am passionate about outcomes.

What do you want from your SEO?

Most of my clients probably already feel sick at how much money they have blown and now want a simple straightforward process to winning new business.

OK. You’re big on LinkedIn, do you do that?

When LinkedIn doesn’t serve my purpose, I will ditch it.

I show people how to use it for one purpose…. Getting and growing business.

We use lots of tools, but it is about finding the right tool for the job. It may or may not be LinkedIn.

What is your experience?

Experience has been my teacher. Over the last 20 years, I have been in sales, marketing and business development. I am a pragmatist and cynical of hype because experience tells me what works, is often a series of little things, done well and repeated.

I’ve worked with big retail businesses, down and dirty manufacturing companies, startups, scale-ups and monolithic corporates. Whether the budget is peanuts or seven-figures, my approach is always the same.

I generally stick to B2B but have helped clients in B2C. I know what I am talking about and my record speaks for itself.

What can you do for me?

I’ll stand with you, fight for you and get the job done.

Growing a business is hard, some days you take two steps forward and sometimes you take one steps back. The key is to keep progressing and advancing. I’ll bring my team and my experience to bear on your business to strengthen your market position, raise your profile and help you win new business.

There are three ways we generally help…

·        Strategy – Show you the way.

·        Speaking & Training – Share insight and show you how to do it.

·        Execution – Do it with you.

The important thing is this; what are we trying to achieve with our relationship? That is the starting place and that’s how we can measure the value we deliver.

How do you do it?

I am not loyal to any platform or methodology.

I am committed to doing whatever works for the client. That is a great benefit for the client but a challenge in my sales process.

Methods and tools are easier to sell, but what we do is start with the result and work backwards, only then, can we really say what tools need to be used to deliver for our clients.

 How we do it, depends on the client.

How do you work?

I work with people from a place of relationship. My business is called Maverrik because, I can be a little unconventional. It takes a good, honest relationship to work together building a business. I believe it is a partnership approach built on a common purpose; the success of your business.

We generally work with people of specific goals and objectives.

A typical client would say:

“I want our marketing to become more effective”

“I want to secure more revenue over the next year”

“I feel we are a bit scatter gun in how we are working”

We audit clients, develop a strategy and then the client can implement it. If the client doesn’t have the time, we’ll help them execute it.

How do you charge?

The question everyone wants to know. It depends on the outcome you want to achieve. I’ve charged £2k – £25k for depending on what the client wants to achieve, and the level of work involved. I generally work on the basis that we need to deliver a 10:1 ROI, meaning, so this gives you an idea of how we price our services.

Essentially, we work on the principle that if a client spends £10k with us, we should be delivering £100k of value.

Can you guarantee 10:1?

This question I debated whether to include. I eventually decided to include it to deter people who believe unrealistic promises. No agency, salesperson or marketer can guarantee anything.

What can guarantee is we will create the opportunities, ultimately, we can’t close a sale, that is a clients responsibility, but we can open enough doors.

How do I find out more?

The simplest way is to drop me a line or schedule a call using my diary below…