Client Success vs. Customer Service


Although Client Success and Customer Service are both customer facing, there is a big difference between the two roles.

Customer Service is generally a more reactive role, dealing with issues as they arrive and making sure deadlines are met and that your customers are happy. Whereas Client Success is a strategy designed to make your customer’s journey a positive one and to meet their business outcomes.

Mastering the success of your customers’ should be the priority of every business, and meeting a customers outcome (rather than just delivering good customer service) through the work you deliver should be the ultimate goal of any Client Success Team. This, in turn, will reduce the churn rate and increase the growth of your company.

Be proactive not reactive – take initiative, share new ideas and implement new plans. Don’t let your current events set your agenda and don’t become a slave to your emails. Occasionally, you will need to deal with emergencies, but this shouldn’t control your day. Your customers will notice and appreciate your proactivity.

Deliver on outcomes, not activities – Very often, especially if you’re busy, you do the same tasks for your client each week, without reviewing if they’re actually working! If the activity isn’t producing results then it needs to be changed. Make sure you review your activities weekly so you can see what is working and what isn’t, and discuss them with your customer. Making small changes each week is much easier the deal with, rather than having an upset customer who isn’t happy as they have no results.

Customer ‘happiness’ shouldn’t be the outcome – You can’t measure customer happiness, so keeping your ‘customer happy’ should never be the goal of any Client Success Team. A truer indicator of success would be whether or not you’re delivering on the outcomes that your client wants to achieve. Make sure you are continuously delivering on planned activities and keep your client informed as to your progress.

Remember, every client is different, and so is their journey. Providing a positive, results driven experience will keep them loyal and less likely to leave.