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About us

We are a marketing and strategy company with bases in the UK and the US, which helps SMEs devise, develop and deliver their growth plans. 

By providing content, courses and consultancy, we will help you crystallise the vision of where you want to take your company, show you how to build a marketing strategy and do it with you. 

We deliver our strategic input through running a range of events across the UK, providing personal coaching programmes for your team or offering you a customised intensive strategy for your business. Our goal is to show you how you can get results in your business. 

We are straight talking, open and honest with businesses. Some courses or events on the topic of business development for example, will only tell you the textbook ways to grow your business. They don’t explain any details or a strategy, so you have wasted your time. You are left wondering how to develop your business through social media or other marketing methods. 

We aren’t like that. 

Our no BS approach is based on our desire to see your company develop. We work alongside businesses to help them focus, develop strategies and implement tactics to see their growth ambitions realised. Our end result is teaching businesses how to attract, engage and convert more clients.

Maverrik was founded by Dean Seddon in 2013, and is built on a collective 60 years of experience in helping businesses. 

We’re an unconventional, medium sized bunch that help businesses make the most of their marketing to deliver business growth. Our team are born maverriks, and we are proud of how we can help people deliver results to a wide range of businesses. We’ve worked with big retail businesses, down and dirty manufacturing companies, ambitious start-ups, progressive scale-ups and monolithic corporates. Whether the budget is in peanuts or seven figures, our approach is always the same; we create outcomes for businesses to advance and grow. 

So, who do we help? 

We help people usually after they have burned through a ton of money and they have got no real results.

We meet people who are eager to get more business, but have reached a point of total frustration with the process.

We work with people who know the process can be simpler and more cost effective, but they lack the clarity to take action.

In today’s competitive world, your business needs to know where it is and the direction it is heading in. Growing a business is hard, some days you take two steps forward and sometimes you take one step back. The key is to keep progressing and advancing. We’ll bring our team and experience to bear on your business to strengthen your market position, raise your profile and help you win new business.