Do you suck at LinkedIn?

62% of B2B marketers aren’t generating any revenue from LinkedIn! but 38% are!

46% of social traffic to corporate websites comes from LinkedIn.

Is this true for you or are part of the 62% that isn’t generating revenue from LinkedIn?

Too many people get LinkedIn’s potential but are not getting the results which are boasted about.

·        Have you put the time in and got nothing out?

·        Have you seen others getting results and you’re getting zilch?

Well, the bad news is, you are one of the 62% who isn’t generating revenue from LinkedIn.


You probably suck at Linkedin!


If you are B2C (Business to Consumer) LinkedIn will be tough for you, perhaps focus your energies elsewhere. If you are a B2B business, LinkedIn is for you!

Typically, people who are in the 62% who don’t know…

·        How to engage with connections and make them prospects.

·        How to get interest from your dream clients.

·        How to get in-front of thousands of decision makers daily.

·        How to create appointments and get attendees to their events.


The reality is LinkedIn can work for you, but you must know how it works. You must know how it is going to work for your business.


If you had an opportunity to put your business in front of 40 million decision makers, would you prepare for it or just wing it?

Let’s make that a little more realistic…

If you have the opportunity to meet 10 new prospects, would you prepare for it?

If you had a meeting with your dream client would you know how to pitch?

Do you know how to create a compelling reason to buy?

If you’d like to join the 38%, you can.


You can easily learn how to transform your LinkedIn from wasting time to making money.

LinkedIn does work, I prove this in my workshops and Masterclasses where I show business owners and sales professionals how to use it to their advantage.

The sad part is most people don’t spend any time trying to understand how to make it work for them and so they give up. They quit on the platform that can empower you to win business without leaving the office.

In our programmes, we show people…

– How to gain an understanding of how to promote yourself and your business.

– How to generate leads and enquiries through LinkedIn.

– How to produce great content that gets you noticed.

– What will and won’t work.

– How to build your own growth roadmap.

If you’d like to join the 38% making revenue from LinkedIn, you can reach out to me directly on LinkedIn or join me at one of my LinkedIn Masterclasses